About us

We stand on our experience.

About us

Printing machines

Tradition and ink run through our veins

In 1954 Manuel González izquierdo establishes GOFER PRINTERS.

Since then, we have adapted to the constant changes in the market of an area heavily influenced by technological development. We are steadily marking headway with the confidence that only years of experience can provide to offer you the most advanced printing technology available.

Long gone are the days when lead movable types and handcrafted printing were used, and that small print shop is now, sixty years later one of the leading companies in the field. At present, proud of our roots, we are able to provide a quality service to comply with most of the needs of our clients.

We put at your disposal both of our production centres.

Gofer Printers, digital area

In our digital printing center we provide you with the ideal solution for short runs or on demand services, from simple tasks like flyers, leaflets or posters to more complex projects such as books, catalogues or magazines.

Our equipment combines quality printing with the flexibility of the digital systems, which allows us to provide a rapid response for services like variable data printing, we can customise all the information to meet your every need.

C/ Alcalde Manuel García Conde, 2,
33001 - Oviedo
Phone 984 186 146

Gofer Printers, headquarters

For more complex projects, long printing runs and high-quality demands, we have the most flexible solutions to comply with every requirement our clients may have. In our headquarters we have centralised all the transformation processes in one single production center, in order to make sure we can achieve the optimal quality control we need to get to our most precious goal, customer satisfaction.

Polígono de Granda II
C/ Los Eucaliptos 4
33199 - Siero
Phone 985 231 630

Our history

  • 2019
    Male person drawing a bulb that stands for the idea and creativity

    Trasladamos nuestra Área Digital a la Calle Alcalde Manuel García Conde, 2, en Oviedo, ganando espacio, visibilidad y accesibilidad para nuestros clientes.

  • 2017
    Male person drawing a bulb that stands for the idea and creativity

    We strive every day to continue growing and innovating. We go back to the art of binding by implementing a high production binding machine in order to autonomously control 100% of the production process.

  • 2015
    Gofer’s sign rammed into the grass

    We are introducing a high-performance offset printer with 8 printing units which allows us to increase our production capacity.

  • 2007
    Male hand offering to take your hand

    We stablished our digital office in the center of Oviedo, in Calle Covadonga N. 5, to be in close proximity with our clients and provide the latest technology in digital printing.

  • 2006
    Chart with an expanding arrow showing the growth and progress

    Thanks to the trust placed on us, we are able to move once again. This time to the spacious facilities where we operate nowadays in Pol. Ind. de Granda II – Siero.

  • 2003
    Digital- Offset printing pictures

    A new digital offset printer is acquired, making us the first printing shop in Asturias to offer this kind of system.

  • 1995
    Digital printing pictures

    We acquired the first digital printer, opening up possibilities beyond offset printing thanks to the flexibility this system can provide.

  • 1974
    A range of new devices over a male hand showing the progress and modernism

    The incorporation of modern equipment makes it necessary to relocate, this time to Nº 72 de Fuertes Acevedo, where we pay special attention to the modernisation of the printing techniques.

  • 1964
    Offset printing pictures

    We acquire new offset printing equipment and we move to a bigger location in Nº 29 of the Avda. Galicia, where Gofer’s reputation grows stronger among our customers.

  • 1955
    Several well-known fonts as CocaCola, Facebook, Mastercard, etc.

    With the purchase of the Minerva printer, Gofer ventures into the printing industry extending the services offered to our loyal customer base.

  • 1954
    Handcrafted bound book

    Gofer Printing shop starts in Oviedo, in the shape of a small artisan binding workshop, handled by Manuel González Izquierdo.

What we do

  • We receive your order and advise you on the available options.
  • We process the job according to its requirements and your preferences.
  • Editing, layout and design. When necessary we edit and prepare the layout. We also provide you with creative designs.
  • Printing and paper processing. This is the soul of printing, we print carry on the suitable paper processing when it is needed.
  • ¡Ready! We proceed to send your order as agreed.

Personalized service

We have at your disposal a professional team to advice and guide you through the process. We listen to your needs and give you the best advice.

Comunication and guidance

During all the process we stay in touch to make sure everything is correct and goes according to plan. For us, it’s a pleasure to be of help before, during and after the production process in order to clarify any doubt you may develop along the way. Every new job is a project that we launch together, and communication is key to succeed.

Logistics – delivery times

One of our main objectives is to respect the deadline.

From the very moment your order is received, we make the commitment to deliver the product at the agreed place and in the conditions you ordered.

This is the reason for us to follow a strict protocol of honesty, communicating our clients a realistic deadline, avoiding unattainable promises.

In order to achieve this goal, we personally manage all means necessary, coordinating all resources in order to deliver a product that meets all the parameters of quality, commitment and punctuality we want you to receive.

Your opinion matters

We like to make everything clear from the beginning. To err is human, it’s how we solve the problems what makes the difference.

This is why we would love to hear from you, we encourage you to let us know if you are not fully satisfied with something. We provide several ways to get in touch with us and send your feedback, suggestions or compliments. You can use our email address, telephone number or suggestion box.


Gofer’s sign rammed into the grass

Responsibility, respect and commitment

This are not empty words. They respond to an ever growing need to look after our environment and become aware of the consequences of our actions. We believe there’s a better way to do things and we want to prove it.


We take responsibility for the environmental impact of our business by following a minimal consumption policy, providing internal awareness, saving resources and keeping a conscious management of the residuals.


We work every day enforcing environmentally friendly work ethic, looking to minimise the impact our industrial activity may have on the environment.


We commit ourselves to be a sustainable printing company by following a set of rules created to enforce the responsible management of residues, water and energy, as well as the use of environmentally friendly products.

This way we can prove that quality printing and sustainable production are not just compatible but also necessary in a society that is growing more aware of the importance of respect and care for the environment.

With every product you choose to print with us, you’re also choosing sustainability and efficiency.

We work in the present, with our sight on the future, something future generations will be grateful for.

Water saving

We have a system which recycles and reuses water during the printing processes, this allows us to replace it less frequently, thus managing a substantial amount of water saving and reducing the environmental impact.

Energy efficient management

We take great care in making sure that our supply systems and equipment are energy efficient. Our modern light system and the use of the residual heat from the equipment to warn up the facilities also help to reduce the consumption of energy.

Responsible buying

We make sure all our paper has a certified and controlled origin, we also make sure that our providers comply with the necessary environmental requirements.

Sustainable routines

The whole company has an involvement in the reduction of the consumption of paper, water and energy, by following a sustainable routine in both the offices and the workshop. Recycling routine, reuse office paper, double sided printing, optimisation of the use of paper, etc

Responsible management of the residues

We reuse and recycle both the remaining paper and the residual products generated by our activities. With this in mind, we make sure our residues are recycled by certified specialist in environmental sustainability.

Efficient processes

We use the least amount of resources possible in each process. Our high-quality standards in production help us avoid error issues by defect or excess hence avoiding wasting energy or paper.